The Daily Fill (03/01/16)


Quote of the Day

“The reverence for the Scriptures is an element of civilization, for thus has the history of the world been preserved, and is preserved.”

Ralph Wado Emerson

Worth Reading

Recovering an Emphasis on Prayer

“How can we as evangelicals recover the emphasis on prayer in worship that our Reformed forebears understood? Let me mention some ways.”

Why This Election Makes Me Hate the Word “Evangelical”

“Why are many evangelical leaders, including some who pontificate on nearly everything else, scared silent as evangelicalism is associated with everything from authoritarianism and bigotry to violations of religious freedom?”

Mounce Archive 24 – God and Jesus

“’Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord’ (1 Tim 1:2). Paul begins his letter to Timothy with a somewhat normal greeting, and yet sometimes familiarity can hide significant truths from English eyes.”

Word Studies 5 – Using The Fruit pt.2

“Yesterday I offered three suggestions on using the fruit of word studies in our preaching.  I urged us to default to a smooth integration – just let the fruit show through accurate explanation, rather than excessive demonstration of exegetical labour.  There are times to underline and show the process a bit more, but they should be strategically selected.  And I think we should think twice and then again before letting the original languages show.”

Your Theological System Should Tell You How to Exegete

“Systematic theology looks at the whole Bible and tries to understand all that God says on a given subject (e.g., sin, heaven, angels, justification).”


Keller, Piper, and Carson on Staying the Course in a Changing Culture

About Peter van Brussel

Peter is the Director of For His Glory Prison Ministry. Peter holds a BA in Pastoral Studies from Southwestern College, a MA in Theological Studies, and a M.Div. from Liberty University. Peter is married to Niki, and has two children. He has been saved by grace and seeks to share the Gospel with those who have been forgotten.
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