The Daily Fill (02/04/16)


Quote of the Day

“As a shoemaker makes a shoe, and a tailor makes a coat, so ought a Christian to pray. Prayer is the daily business of a Christian.”

Martin Luther

Worth Reading

The Big List of Notable Church Technology, Ministry Tools & Christian Apps

“There’s no shortage of Christian leaders thinking about what the intersection of faith and technology should be. Some charge ahead embracing the latest tech trends to create the next era of church technology and ministry tools. And others cautiously wait and consider what might be lost by so boldly embracing the unknown.”

10 Benefits of Being a Church Volunteer

“During the summer of 1986, I was working in a grocery store while attending college.  This job came with the unbelievable benefit of one unpaid week of vacation per year.  So when July came I had a decision to make.  Should I go to the beach for sun, fun and relaxation or should I make the strategic decision to teach 2nd graders in Vacation Bible School?”

Secularization and the Sexual Revolution: Evangelical Theology and the Cultural Crisis (Part 1)

“This post is the first in a four part series on Secularization and the Sexual Revolution.”

How to do Bible Word Studies:A Fool Proof Guide

“Word studies are a treasure trove . . . and a mine field. Somehow you have to weave through the dangers to get the treasures. Think for a moment: if you were about to enter such a field, what would you want to know about first? The gold or the bombs?”


No Video Today…


About Peter van Brussel

Peter is the Director of For His Glory Prison Ministry. Peter holds a BA in Pastoral Studies from Southwestern College, a MA in Theological Studies, and a M.Div. from Liberty University. Peter is married to Niki, and has two children. He has been saved by grace and seeks to share the Gospel with those who have been forgotten.
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