Dear Disciple, (12/17/15)

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Why Christ Came: 31 Meditations on the Incarnation by Joel R. Beeke and William Boekestein (0.99); Wisdom & Wonder: Common Grace in Science & Art by Abraham Kuyper (0.99); The Ways of God: How God Reveals Himself Before a Watching World by Henry Blackaby (0.99); The Freedom of Self Forgetfulness by Timothy Keller (1.99); The Shore’s Fool by Timothy Keller (2.99)

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Logos Bible Software is giving away their free book of November The New Testament Library Series: Ephesians all month long, and a free book everyday during advent.  Click to Reveal Today’s Free Resource for Advent!. has a free audio book that you can download from Matt Chandler Recovering Redemption.


Quote of the Day

” The Lord who is calling out ministers of his Gospel and servants of his church is the Lord who will rule the nations and judge them, who reigns and judges even now. He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat.”

Albert Mohler

Worth Reading

Themelios 40.3

“The Gospel Coalition just released the December 2015 issue of Themelios, which has 193 pages of editorials, articles, and book reviews. It is freely available in three formats: (1) PDF, (2) web version, and (3) Logos Bible Software. A print edition will be available for purchase in several weeks from Wipf and Stock.”

Relativity, Moral Relativism, and the Modern Age

“This intellectual revolution began with four lectures in late 1915 presented to the Prussian Academy of Sciences. The lectures were given by Albert Einstein, and before the end of the year Einstein would publish his argument for a “General Theory of Relativity.” Those lectures launched an intellectual revolution, and Einstein’s theory of relativity is essential to our understanding of the modern age.”

The Thorns and Thistles of this Life

“This is a very important subject. It explains so much of why life is the way it is for man. If we try to cope with the difficulties of our daily labour without a biblical understanding of it, we are going to feel quite dissatisfied and discontent in our daily work. in order to understand the ‘Why?’ of our daily work, it must be seen in the context of the divine sentence pronounced by God on Adam after the fall. Our daily toil should never be seen in isolation from that sentence, no matter what the nature of  that work is.”

3 Reasons Your Team Needs Shepherd Leadership 

“I recently had someone on my team introduce me to his family as his boss. I quickly redirected the term boss to “we partner together in our work.” Something about the word boss bothered me. If not boss, then what?”

Does the order of phrases matter? (Rom 1:5)

“One of the harder things to do in translation is line up the phrases properly. Since English uses sequence and proximity, related phrases need to go together. Greek doesn’t care (as much).”


Finding Freedom part 1

Personal Library Selection

Knowing Jesus through the OT

ISBN: 0-551-02624-3


About Peter van Brussel

Peter is the Director of For His Glory Prison Ministry. Peter holds a BA in Pastoral Studies from Southwestern College, a MA in Theological Studies, and a M.Div. from Liberty University. Peter is married to Niki, and has two children. He has been saved by grace and seeks to share the Gospel with those who have been forgotten.
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