Thankful: Genesis 1:1

IMG_7920As I sit here and think, “What am I thankful for?,” I realize that I have so many things that I can thank God for. For starters, I can thank Him for my wife and children. I can thank Him for my parents, my brothers and sister, many good friends, good leaders that I have had the pleasure to serve with in the Army. The list can go on and on:

  • For the Bible.
  • For my Pastor (past and present).
  • For the Church.
  • For God’s provision.
  • For health.
  • For a warm house.
  • For warm clothes.
  • For food in the fridge.

You get the picture I hope. What comes to mind as I think about these things are the people all around the world who don’t have a warm house to live in. I think about the homeless. Those who are veterans who suffer from PTSD or a traumatic brain injury. Then there are the refugees all around the world who have had to flee their homes because of war in their countries. I think of all of the arguing that is happening in our country over some of these refugees. I think about the racial problems in our country, the bad people shooting police officers, and the bad police officers shooting people unnecessarily.

I think about the people who have had to fight for their lives because of sickness such as cancer. I can’t imagine what it is like to get that dreaded diagnosis and having it hit you like a death sentence. Some people have been able to beat the disease and live full lives. Others are still in the fight, leaning forward in the foxhole with a heavy rucksack that seems too much to bear. While many have lost the battle and have gone on.

What do we make of it all? Remember that we live in a fallen world. God didn’t create the world like this. He created it to be perfect: no disease, no war, no death. We live in a fallen world because of sin. Sin that began in Genesis 3 and from there cascaded into what we see in the world today, and throughout history. But when Jesus returns, He will usher in the new heaven and the new earth (Revelation 21:1). There will be no more sickness or death, no more war and no more suffering, no more refugees to fight over, no more racial divides. Everything will be as it was intended for it to be: perfect.

So most of all I am thankful for my God. I am thankful that this world will no longer be fallen when Jesus comes. And I am thankful for these four words in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God…” Without this, there would be nothing else.

Happy Thanksgiving!

About Peter van Brussel

Peter is the Director of For His Glory Prison Ministry. Peter holds a BA in Pastoral Studies from Southwestern College, a MA in Theological Studies, and a M.Div. from Liberty University. Peter is married to Niki, and has two children. He has been saved by grace and seeks to share the Gospel with those who have been forgotten.
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2 Responses to Thankful: Genesis 1:1

  1. The Isaiah 53:5 Project says:

    You have a great list of things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving and God bless.


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